1814   Ithamer Brookings taught in a school near present- day Elm Valley.
1832   A log schoolhouse was built on the corner of Main and State Streets.
1835   A second schoolhouse was built on the corner of Broad and Mill (now Fassett) Streets.
1842   The second schoolhouse was ignited by a spark from a locomotive on the railroad that was being built alongside and burned to the ground.
1844   A parcel of land where the David A. Howe Library now stands was purchased for a typical one-room schoolhouse.
1859   The townspeople of the newly-created Town and Village of Wellsville voted 77-33 to create the Wellsville Union Free School District. A new school was built at a cost of $1,846.50.
1876   A new school, the Wellsville Union School Academy, was built on Main Street at a cost of $7,000.
1882   The Trustees voted to establish an Academic department under the government of the Regents system.
1885   The first graduating class from the Wellsville Union School Academy graduated with nine members.
1891   The Wellsville Union School Academy burned to the ground. The building was insured for $10,000.
1892   A new school was bult at a cost of $25,000.
1894   The Wellsville Academy Alumni Association declared that the Wellsville school colors were to be orange and black.
1902   The Psi chapter of the fraternity Theta Phi was established at WHS.
1904   The Owl, the oldest school newspaper in New York still publishing, was founded on this date.
1909   A fire broke out on the fourth floor of the school. Damage was estimated at $25,000.
1916   The Martin Street School was built.
1924   A fire totally destroyed the school on November 25th.
1926   The Board approved plans for a new school.
1927   The new school was completed. The Brooklyn Elementary School was housed on the lower floor.
1928   The Wellsville High School National Honor Society #703 was founded on this date.
1931   The Student Council adopted the present coats of arms and the school motto, Carpe Diem (meaning “gather the days” or “Seize the opportunity”)
1932   The WHS sports teams were first termed the “Lions” on this date in the Owl.
1934   The frist Senior Prom was hel;d on April 20th at the Wellsville County Club.
1936   Twenty-seven cases of scarlet fever were reported in Wellsville. Many athletic contests were postponed.
1938   The Board of Education approved the construction of a new Brooklyn Elementary School on Brooklyn Avenue at a cost of $211,000.
1945   Wellsville’s first yearbook,The Sonnontouan, first appeared in June.
1947   The War Memorial Swimming Pool was dedicated on August 20th to honor those who served in World War II.
1948   Senior first began to selkl magazines in September and October.
1948   June 30th marked the completion of Wellsville’s scjhool consolidation when 21 one-room schools merged and joined Wellsville.
1950   Voters approved a building program to construct a new gymnasium and shops.
1970   Wellsville voters rejected a proposal to build a new school on the site where the Wellsville Manor and the McDonald’s Plaza now stand.
1972   Hurrican Agnes heavily damaged the Broolyn School and the Wellsville High School.
1973   Construction started on the Wellsville Intermediate School.
1981   A fire in the Wellsville High School causes $25,000 in damages.
1983   Three fire hoses turned on cause over $500,000 in water damages to the high school.
2004   An extensive building/renovation project was completed. This $28,000,000 project involved a total renovation of the high school along with the construction of a new middle school attached to the rear of the existing high school. A new pool and six classes were added to the elementary campus.