Wellsville High School
Class of 2011


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Most Likely to Succeed:
Hailey Brown and James Gilfert

Best Couple:
Ian Denner and Jessica Pye

Most Eccentric:
Kayla Hitchcock and Sid Allen

Best All-Around:
Molly Dempsey and Kyle Caschera

Most School Spirit:
Danielle Williams and Jared Joyce

Most Respected:
Allie Mattison and Alex Doyle

Most Talkative:
Deanna Brownell and Jared Joyce

Alice Cady and Mackenzey Ayers

Most Dramatic:
Danielle Williams and Jess Johnson-Lewis

Gym Class Hero:
Laura Sweeney and Chris Hess

Most Carefree:
Cassidy Smyers and Connor Hennessey

Most Artistic:
Allie Mattison and Mario Roccio

Class Comedian:
Beth Golish and Seth Wright

Class Dreamboat:
Kasia Skwarek and Connor Hennessy

Biggest Flirt:
Charise Truax and Tylor Lehman

Most Changed:
Kayla Kalkhof and Jake Lorshbaugh

Craziest Driver:
Alice Cady and Scott McMorris

Best Hair:
Katherine Braunscheidel and Quincy Costello

Done Most for WHS:
Katherine Braunscheidel, Hailey Brown, and Molly Dempsey

Nicest Car:
Katlyn Clark, Shawnee Bukolt, and Quincy Costello

Best Nickname:
Kayla “Chicken” Cornelius &
Patrick ‘Finner’ ‘Hammer’ Finn

Best Physique:
Isabelle Raptis and Tyler Tascone

Most Likely to Make You Smile:
Allysa Valley and Kyle Cashera

Music Maestro:
Laura Walton and Jess Johnson-Lewis

Charise Truax and Jared Joyce

Class Optimist:
Lauren Lynch and James Gilfert

Always Together:
Laura Sweeney and Beth Golish

Nicest Eyes:
Kasia Skwarek and Josh Doyle

Most Mischievous:
Trisha Taylor and Gabe Day

Best Dancers:
Danielle Williams and Nick Green

Nicest Smiles:
Taylor Smith and Chris Hess

Best Dressed:
Katherine Braunscheidel and Mario Roccio

Most Athletic:
Trisha Taylor and Jacob Ebert

Biggest Heartbreaker:
Alex Doyle and Isabelle Raptis

Monica Gardner and Scott McMorris

Most Likely to Date an Underclassman:
Caitlin Dixon and ALL of the Senior Boys

Most Gullible:
Brandy Fanton and Dan Stanton

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:
Caitlin Dixon and Mark Hewlett

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing:
Lisa Lobrutto and Chris Hess

Most Likely to Complain:
Deanna Brownell and Tony Glanzman