Class of 1911



A SENIOR CLASS TRIP to Washington D.C. was a tradition at WHS until 1934, when it was replaced by the Senior Prom. The class of 1911 is pictured on the steps of the Library of Congress on their Washington trip. Front row, sitting: Myra Brotzman, Marion Byrnes Coyle, – Frank, ?, Florence Elwell Kennedy, Mary Higgins Rockwell, Vida Kerr, Eva Williams, Gertude Pflager Simons, Fannie Browing Paul, Blanche Sullivan MArsh, Alta Emerson. Second row, sitting: Charles Bryant, Hazel Soule, ?, Louisa Meyer, ?, Floy Semour Lish, Bernice Furman Sturtevant, Miss Snyder,Blanche Sturtevant Hershey, Greta Higbie Rockwell, Josephine Hayes Stout, ?, Third row, sitting: ?, ?, ?, Warren Church, ?, ?, ?, Mouris Babcock,MArcella King, Fay Rockwell, Ethel Meyers Duke, ?, ?. Fourth row: people from Allentown Union School. Back row, standing: ?, ?, ?, ?, George Smith, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Joseph Regan, ?, Mr. Riggs (Jennie Taylor’s husband) Maurice Magner, Bayard Haskins, Prof. Howard Burdge, – Krusen.