Scholarship and Awards Night


Wellsville High School
Scholarship & Awards Night June 10, 2008

The Wellsville High School held its 19th annual Senior Scholarship Awards night on June 10th. Seventy local organizations, clubs, individuals and scholarship trust funds gave financial awards in the amount of $97, 420.79 to Wellsville High School seniors who are planning on continuing their education. I would like to thank all of these generous individuals, clubs and associations who have invested in our students’ future education. This community has demonstrated time and time again that not only does it care about our kids, but it is also willing to commit words into actions. Thank you all for the support you provide to Wellsville High School students.
Mr. Dean Giopulos, HS Principal


US Air Force Achievement Awards

The Air Force recognizes outstanding seniors
who have excelled during the past school year.

Math & Science – Sarah Keib
Scholar Athletes – Meghan Costello & Justin McLaughlin
Technology – Sara Abbott & James Cain
Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson, Guidance Dept. Chair


US Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete Awards

The Army Reserve honors excellent scholar-athletes in high schools across the nation.

Recipients: Ashley Dunham & Kevin Reuning

Presented by: Staff Sgt. Van Booth, US Army Recruiter


Marine Corps Achievement Awards

The US Marine Corps offers several awards to appropriately recognize deserving students.

Distinguished Athlete – Maureen Gardner & Matthew Moretti III
Semper Fidelis – Amy Taylor
Scholastic Excellence – George Gunner

Awards Presented by: Ms. Michelle Alvord, Guidance Counselor


Allegany County Pomona Grange #45 Perseverance Award

This award is meant to honor a student who has learned “that success in a good cause is gained only by perseverance”.

Recipient: Ashley Cunningham

Presented by: Ms. Emily Ormsby, Allegany County Pomona Grange


Allegany County S.A.D.D. Scholarships

Members of Students Against Disastrous Decisions are eligible for these awards.

Recipients: Lauren Kochendarfer

Presented by: Ms. Lindsey Tompkins, Guidance Counselor


Ken Kiefer, Sr. Memorial Award

The name of an outstanding scholar-athlete will be added to those engraved on the Ken Kiefer Memorial plaque.

Recipient: Alan Ackley

Presented by: Mrs. Shelley Chaffee, Mr. Kiefer’s daughter


WHS Hall of Fame Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who excels in athletioc, academics, and community service.

Recipient: James Braunscheidel

Presented by: Mrs. Shelley Chaffee, WHS Hall of Fame Committee


Alumni Association of Wellsville High School

The Alumni Association receives donations from former graduates to reward deserving students.

Recipients: Ezekiel Brownell, Shane Dunbar, Calvin Rocchio, Kyle Thompson, & Tyler Wright

Presented by: Mr. Tony Havens, President of WHS Alumni Association


The Community of Wellsville Art Scholarships

These awards are funded by community contributions to recognize exemplary art students.

Recipients: Samuel Rashid & Calvin Rocchio

Presented by: Mrs. Amanda Oglesbee & Mr. Mark Corwine, Barrie Fanton, Art Committee


WHS Student Council Scholarships

Student Council members who have given oustanding service are honored with this award.

Recipient: Maureen Gardner, Lauren Kochendarfer, Jessie Mehl, & Nicle Nye

Presented by: Ms. Stacy Saltino, Advisor


Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Scholarships

Beta Sigma Phi Sorority encourages college preparation and rewards seniors who show initiative, seriousness of purpose and community service.

Recipients: James Braunscheidel & Claire Rohrabacher

Presented by: Ms. Lindsey Tompkins, Guidance Counselo


Pete Childs Memorial Scholarship

Fisher’s Pharmacy recognizes graduates who plan a career in pharmacy or medical/health.

Recipient: Teresa Elliott

Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson, Guidance Department Chairman


Civil Service Employees’ Association Scholarships

The Wellsville School District’s CSEA Chapter 802 honors children of members.

Recipient: James Braunscheidel & Justin McLaughlin

Presented by: Mrs. Elva Cornell, CSEA Member


Shane Colligan Memorial Scholarship

This award is in memory of an outstanding WHS graduate, whose courage and perserverance is an inspiration to us all.

Recipient: Caitlin Slep

Variety Club of Buffalo Scholarship

Recipient: Sarah Keib

Both Presented by: Mr. Tim Colligan, father of Shane Colligan


American Legion Auxiliary Scholarships

The Morrison Hayes Unit #702 American Legion Auxiliary awards scholarships to one or more eligible candidates.

Recipients: Teresa Elliott

Presented by: Ms Deb Roberts, 1st Vice President of the American Legion Auxiliary


American Legion Post #702

Children or grandchildren of veterans are selected to receive these memorial scholarships.

“Terry Quackenbush” Scholarship
Recipient: Trenton Scoville

“Sonny Sobeck” Scholarship
Recipient: Teresa Elliott

Both presented by Mr. John Baldwin, American Legion Representative


American Legion Post #702
Presidential Freedom Scholarship

The American Legion Post #702 recognizes outstanding leadership in community service by high school seniors.

Recipient: Dawn Giddings

All Presented by: Mr.John Baldwin, American Legion Representative


Moose Lodge #601

The Moose Lodge awards a graduating senior who has contributed at least 100 hours of community service within the past 12 months.

Recipient: Hilary Briggs

Presented by: Mr. Rick Freeman, Deputy Supreme Govenor


Cassandra Congdon Memorial Scholarship

The Moose Lodge #601 is awarding a scholarship in memoryof Cassandra Congdon. It is awarded to a senior who will be entering college in the filed of Elementary Education.

Recipient: Alan Ackley

Presented by: Mr. Rick Freeman, Deputy


Dornow Memorial Scholarship Fund

Since 1956, the will of Mrs. Dornow has provided awards to encourage college study.

Recipients: Daniel Fanton & Charles Trimble

Presented by: Ms. Lindsey Tompkins, Guidance Counselor


Mason T. & Elizabeth Dye Memorial

This endowment from the will of Mr. and Mrs. Dye will reward WHS graduates who attend college.

Recipients: Kayle Gordnier & Ryan Hoshal

Presented by: Ms. Michelle Alvord, Guidance Counselor


Class of 1971 Scholarship

This scholarship honors deceased members of the Class of 1971. The funds for this award are donated by the Class of 1971 and their families.

Recipient: Trenton Scoville

Presented by: Cindy Jadwin, Class of 1971


Dolores Neary Anstaett Scholarship

Carol W. Anstaett, 1st Vice-President of Smith Barney, Inc. (Olean) has set up this generous fund to help WHS graduates. Mrs. Anstaett graduated from WHS in 1950.

Recipient: George Gunner & Claire Rohrabacher

Presented by: Ms. Lindsey Tompkins, Guidance Counselor


Elks Club ‘F. Vanama Jones’ Scholarships

Given by the local Elks Lodge in memory of former Sheriff F. Vanama Jones to members’ children.

Recipients: James Braunscheidel, Kelly Burdick, Meghan Costelllo, Maureen Gardner, Kevin Reuning, Claire Rohrabacher, Steven Thomas, & Gabrielle Tripodi

Presented by: Mr. Tim Colligan, Elk’s Scholarship Committee


Elks Club Lodge Scholarships

The Elks Club rewards good scholarship with these awards.

Recipients: James Braunscheidel, Meghan Costello, Maureen Gardner, Kevin Reuning, & Steven Thomas

Presented by: Mr. Tim Colligan, Elks Club Scholarship Chairman


Exchange Club of Wellsville Scholarships

The Wellsville Exchange Club again honors high school graduates with its Scholarship Program.

Recipients: Charles Cain, Robbie Shay, & Caitlin Slep

Presented by: Mr. Ralph Eastlack, Scholarship Chairman, Exchange Club


WCS Transportation Dept. Scholarships

The WCSD transportation department offers a scholarship to a senior planning to attend college.

Receipient: Stanisiaus Hewlett & Ryan Whitney

Presented by: Ralph Eastlack, WCSD representative


New York State Lottery “Leaders of Tomorrow”
$4,000 Scholarship

Each school in New York State receives only one scholarship to bhe awarded to an outstanding college-bound senior.

Recipient: Dawn Giddings

Presented by: Mr. Dean Giopulos, Principal


Football Boosters’ Scholarships

Since 1998, the WHS Football Boosters have honored Senior athletes with these scholarships.

Recipients: Daniel Butler, James Cain, Ryan Dibble, Mitch Fanton. Stan Hewlett, & Tyler Seamans

Presented by: Mr. Frank Brown & Dan Shutt, Lions’ Football Boosters Coaches


Edward & Evelyn Foster Memorial Scholarship

This award honors a senior who will pursue a degree in environmental studies or elementary education.

Recipient: Charles Cain III

Presented by: Mr. Daryle Foster, son of Mr. and Mrs. Foster


Giant Food Mart/Duane Duell Memorial Scholarship

Given by his sister, Linda O’Connor, and Giant Food Mart, this award honors the memory of Duane Duell; and is given to a senior who will attend SUNY Alfred.

Recipient: Hilary Briggs

Presented by: Mr. Doug Depew, Manager, Wellsville Giant Food Mart


Immaculate Conception Parish
Altar & Rosary Society Scholarship

This scholarship is given by the Altar & Rosary Society of Immaculate Conception Church to an outstanding, confirmed ICS graduate.

Recipient: Matthew Moretti III & Gabrielle Tripodi

Presented by: Mrs. Linda Wesche, President Altar and Rosary Society


Kiwanis Club “James O. Smith” Grants

This scholarship is presented to seniors who plan to major in business at college. It is given in memory of James Smith, former WHS teacher.

Recipient: Dawn Giddings & Kyle Thompson

Presented by Mr. Gary Johnson, Kiwanis Club Scholarship Committee


LEO Club ‘Tyler Hunt’ and ‘Carl Fanton’ Jr.
Memorial Awards

The WHS Leo Club funds these scholarships in memory of their friends and classmates.

Recipients: Kelly Burdick & Michell Fanton

Presented by: Mr. Justin Cornelius, LEOS Club Advisor


Lioness Club of Wellsville Scholarships

The Lioness’ Club honors college-bound graduates who have showngood scholarship and spirit.

Recipients: Jessie Mehl

Presented by: Mrs. Stephanie Sturm, Scholarship Committee Member


Wellsville Lions Club Scholarships

The generous Lions Club Scholarship program honors graduates who have done community service and who are excellent scholars.

Recipients: Maureen Gardner, Justin McLaughlin, Steven Thomas

Presented by: Dr. Byron Chandler, Lions Club Member


Lions Club Medals for Excellence

Each year the Lions Club rewards outstanding scholarship with these medals:
Art – Calvin Rocchio
Business – Kyle Ritter
Social Studies – Sarah Keib
Technology – Samuel Rashid
Math – George Gunner
English – Claire Rohrabacher
Spanish – Jessie Mehl
Science – Steven Thomas

Presented by: Mr. Bruce Thomas, Lions Club Scholarship Committee & Beth Howitt, WEA President


Alstom Power/Air Preheater Scholarship

This scholarship rewards children of Alstom Power/Air Preheater employees.

Recipient: Meghan Costello, Ashley Graham, & Nicole Nye

Presented by: Mrs. Gail Willson, Alstrom Power


Mallery Memorial Scholarship

This memorial fund honors hard-working graduates who plan to go on for further education.

Recipient: Timothy Martin

Presented by: Ms. Michelle Alvord, Guidance Counselor


William McKinley Memorial Scholarship

The McKinley family memorial to their beloved son and brother Billy is funded by proceeds from the Billy Billy McKinley Golf Tournament, sponosred by the owners of Better Days and L’Italia Restaurants.

Recipients: Jenny Wilcox & Samuel Wilson

Presented by: Michael McKinley, brother of Billy McKinley


Monica M. Moore Memorial Scholarship

Ms. Moore’s family set up this scholarship to honor her memory and assist outstanding Wellsville High School graduates.

Recipient: Sarah Keib

Presented by: Robert & Hope Moore, Monica M. Moore’s nephew & niece


Science of Life Award

This scholarship is given to a graduating senior who has financial need and an interest in a career in health, medicine or life sciences.

Recipient: Ashley Graham

Presenter: Mrs. Nancy Saupe, mother of Dr. Richard Saupe


National Honor Society
School Service Scholarship

This scholarship honors a senior who has gone “above and beyond” in serving others.

Recipients: Sarah Keib

Presented by: Mrs. April Palmiter, Advisor


Parker Family Scholarship

This award is intended for a senior attending a vocational school. The award money will be used for the purchase of tools.

Recipient: Stanislaus Hewlett

Presented by: Mr. Richard Parker, Parker Family Scholarship


Brigid Porter Memorial Scholarship

The porter family honors Brigid’s memory with an award for a senior planning to study music.

Recipient: Dawn Giddings

Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson, Guidance Department Chairman


High School Principal’s Scholarship

Students who have had a “positive influence on school climate” are honored from faculty and staff donations.

Recipient: Matthew Moretti III, Samuel Rashid, Courtney Schroeder

Presented by: Mr. Dean Giopulos, Principal


Leslie Newland Thomas Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior entering a two or four year college majoring in music.

Recipient: Dawn Giddings

Presented by: Ms. Carrie Whitwood, sister of Leslie Newland Thomas


Kevin Lynch Memorial

This scholarship is given by Kevin’s friends and family to aid athletic college-bound seniors who have achieved good math and science grades.

Recipients: James Braunscheidel & Ashley Dunham

Presented by: Ms. Michelle Alvord, Guidance Counselor


Rotary Club of Wellsville
Education Fund Grants

The Rotary Club recognizes those graduates who consistently demonstrate all-around fine achievement.

Recipients: Alan Ackley, Ryan Whitney, Priya Ravichandran, & Samuel Wilson

Presented by: Mr. Art VanTyne, Rotary Club Scholarship Committee


Steuben Trust Company Scholarship

Begun in 1995, Steuben Trust rewards a senior who plans to attend a four-year college.

Recipient: Jessie Mehl

Presented by: Mr. Gary Balcom, Manager, Wellsville Branch Stueuben Trust Company


Bartholomay Nursing Scholarship

Mrs. Bartholomay gave the proceeds from the sale of her home to help graduates earn an RN degree.

Recipient: Teresa Elliott & Caitlin Slep

Presented by: Ms. Lindsey Tompkins, Guidance Counselor


Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #2530
“Mike Pasquale” Scholarship

This award is given to a graduate to reward good scholarship and patriotism.

Recipient: Ashley Graham

Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson, Guidance Department Chairman


Elizabeth Walchli Scholarships

Ms. Walchli gave these scholarships to help WHS seniors achieve their dreams with the stipulation the winners exhibit kindness, empathy and respect for others.

Recipients: Maureen Gardner, Ashley Graham, Kayle Gordnier, Viennia Mead, Caitlin Slep, & Jenny Wilcox

Presented by: Mr. John Walchli Jr., brother to Elizabeth Walchli


Walker Business Services Scholarship

This award is given by Walker Business Services to a graduate planning on a business career after college.

Recipient: James Cain

Presented by: Mrs. Vonnie Walker, Owner of Walker Business Services


Walker & Marshall Insurance Agency Scholarship

Two awards are given to outstanding seniors. One scholarship is given to a senior who plans to study criminal justice.

Recipients: Courtney Schroeder, Ryan Whitney, & Katelyn Winchell

Presented by: Mr. Robert Walker, Owner, Walker Marshall Insurnace Agency


Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce
“Kailbourne-Allen” Scholarship

Given by Erland-Kailbourne, Gary Allen & The Chamber of Commerce; this honor rewards a student who plans to study banking or business in college.

Recipient: Lauren Kochendarfer

Presented by: Mr. Steve Havey, Director of WLSV Area Chamber of Commerce


Women of the Moose Memorial Scholarship

A student who plans to study nursing or another “people-oriented” field is honored.

Recipient: Ashley Cunningham

Presented by: Rae Franklin, Senior Regent Wopmen of the Moose #248


James D. Washburn Memorial Scholarship

Friendship Dairies and Mrs. Washburn have sponsored this scholarship in Mr. Washburn’s memory.

Recipient: Charles Cain III

Presented by: Mr. Kevin Becker, Mr. Washburn’s grandson


Wellsville C.S.D. Employees Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by employee contributions. The Pat Pickut Memorial is awarded to an outstanding senior who loves English. The WCS rewards outstanding seniors.

Pat Pickut Memorial Scholarship: Jenny Wilcox
WCS Awards: James Braunscheidel, Kevin Reuning, & Charles Trimble

Presented by: Mrs. Beth Howitt & April Palmiter, WEA Educators

Wellsville High School Music Awards

Music program students who have participated throughout their high school years are honored by the Music Boosters with these awards. The following awards were presented by: Mrs. Judith Belin, Director of Music & Mrs. Connie Dunham, Music Boosters Club.


Music Education Award

Recipient: Dawn Giddings


Music Service Awards

Recipients: Sara Abbott, Alan Ackley, Ashley Dunham, Teresa Elliott, Dawn Giddings, Kayle Gordnier, Nicole Nye, Priya Ravichandran, Amy Taylor, Charles Trimble, & Katelyn Winchell


Music Theatre Awards

Recipients: Dawn Giddings & Charles Trimble


John Phillip Sousa Award

Recipient: Amy Taylor



Recipients: Amy Taylor


Jill Burton Memorial Scholarship

This award recognizes an outstanding cosmetology graduate. It is given in memory of Ms. Jill Burton, former owner of Shear Delight Salon.

Recipient: Brittany McLaughlin

Presented by: Ms. Michelle Alvord, Guidance Counselor


Jeremy D. Smith Memorial Scholarships

These scholarships are given by friends and family of Jeremy Smith, a graduate of the Class of 1997.

Recipients: Ashley Cunningham, Shane Dunbar, & Trenton Scoville

Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson, Guidance Department Chairman


David’s Song Scholarship

This gift from Mrs. Audrey Phelps Chouffi, ’56, is awarded to a graduate(s) who are not necessarily college-bound, but are eager to learn and grow.

Recipient: Sara Abbott & Brian Willetts

Presented by: Ms. Lindsey Tompkins, Guidance Counselor


Joshua G. Giddings Memorial Scholarship

This award is given in memory of Joshua G. Giddings, a Class of 2003 graduate.

Recipient: Dawn Giddings

Presented by: Mr. Gary Johnson, Guidance Dept. Chair


Allegany Area Foundation Scholarships
Kirby Jensen Scholarship

Belva Waite Scholarships

Allegany County National Honor Society Scholarships

American Legion Boys State

Big 30 Academic Team

Big 30 Athletic Team

Burger King ScholarshipNominee

Business First “First Honors”

Robert Byrd Honors Scholarship Nominee

Clarkson University Leadership Award

Clarkson University Achievement Award

DAR Good Citizen

Davies-Foy Scholar/Athletes Award

IAABO Referees’ Scholarship

Duane Anderson Science Medal

Exchange Club “Students of the Month”

Twenty-Point Letters

Forty-Point Letters

Sixty-Point Letters

Eighty-Point Letters

Henry and Rosa Gabriel Memorial Scholarships

Knights of Pythias Award

NASSP Principals’ Leadership Award Nominee

National FFA Scholarship/Agway Foundation

NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence

NYS Attorney General’s “Character, Courage & Commitment” Award

NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award

NYS DECA Career Conference Delegates

Odyssey of the Mind World Finalists

President’s Awards for Academic Excellence (Gold)

President’s Awards for Educational Achievement (Silver)

Principals’ Ready Writing Contest

Prudential “Spirit of Community” Award

RPI Science and Mathematics Medal

IT Computing Medals

Rotary Club “Students of the Month”

Student Sage Award, Russell Sage College

The Western New York Trio/AEEE Consortium Achievement Award

Toyota Community Scholars Program Nominee

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford “Women of Promise”

University of Rochester Award/Bausch & Lomb

University of Rochester Award/Humanities and Social Sciences

Wells College 21st Century Leadership Award

Wellsville Business & Professional Women’s Club Award

Wendy’s Heisman Scholar-Athlete Awards

New York State Business and Marketing Honor Society

Great Lakes Institute of Technology Award

Association of New York State Troopers

Dekalb Award

J. Dennis Kirst Scholarship

BESPA-CA Employee Scholarship

Wellsville High School Family Pics Scholarship & Awards Night Program