FIRST GRADUATION was held June 12, 1885

WHS’ FIRST GRADUATION was held June 12, 1885. Nine members of the class received diplomas. The commencement exercises featured essays and musical selections. In 1891, Wellsville Union Free District employed 11 teachers, pictured above. Back row, left to right: May Moore, primary; Rev. George Buch, part-time Latin and French; C.M. Harding, principal; William C. Noll, assistant; Theresa Hildrith, 5th grade. Middle row: Adelle Fuller, 6th grade; Addie T. Elwell, 4th grade; Nellie Devore, 2nd grade; Bridget Shaugnessy, 1st garde. Front row: Fanny York, 7th grade; Laura McDowell, 3rd grade.


WELLSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL IN 1893 is pictured above. Firstrow sitting: Milly Farr, Ora Hallock, Verta Bartholemew, Frankie Oviatt, Emma Korts, Katherine Anderson, Myrtle King, Maud Brown, Belle Scheffer, ?,. Second row: Bertha Jones, Fanny Mather, ?, Sarah Blackman, Lillian Lee, ?, Prof. C.M. Harding, Prof. William C. Noll, Susie Brown, ?, Tilly Clair, Charles Brown. Third row: ?, Carrie Noble, Clara Noble, Nina Ward, Myra Leonard, Jennnie Applebee, Grace Rolfe, Edna Opp, Bertha Freeman, ?, Ross McClure, Ed Collister. Fourth row: Charles Maddock, ?, Fannie Mead, Jennie Clark, Eva Wright, Marion Chubbock, Sarah Hanks, Bessie Wright, Anna Baldwin, ?, Archie King. Fifth row: Will Browning, Will Norton,Manton Wyvell, ?, Nellie Mettlestedt, Ottilie Seivers, Nina Curtis, Bess Wyvell, Bayard Tullar, Ned Wright.

1892, the fifth Wellsville school building

In 1892, the fifth Wellsville school building was still brand new The photograph above shows the new school’s Columbus Day assembly. The building at right is the First Babtist Church, which was taken down to make room for the David A. Howe Library in 1935.

WHS at the turn of the twentieth century

WHS at the turn of the century was still a small, rural high school, as the above group photo, of the WHS student body in 1899 demonstrates.


THE BROOKLYN SCHOOL was at one time an entirely separate school district. Above is pictured the earlier Brooklyn school, which became overcrowded and was replaced by the frame building below in 1897. This district merged with Wellsville Union Free District in 1901. The school building was in use until 1927, when classes moved into the new High School, and stood for several years thereafter. It was located on the southwest corner of Pine Street and Brooklyn Avenue where an apartment complex now stands.