Alumni Board Officers

President – Tony Havens, 1996
Vice-President – Mary Havens, 1969
Secretary – Darla Coats Havens, 1969
Treasurer – Ursula Reynolds Gray, 1963


Alumni Board Members

Linda Kailbourn Cook, 1967
Brian Gray, 1962
Barb Karl Greene, 1959
Gary Havens, 1969
Phil Swarthout, 1955
Fred Dannheim, 1957
Pat Ackerman Lee,1959
Michelle Alvord, 1991

Committee Chairmen

Publicity: Linda Cook
50+ Luncheon: Barb Green
50+ Lucheon: Mary Havens
Entertainment: Brian Gray
Printing: Linda Cook
Scholarship: Michelle Alvord

Computer Work: Mary Havens


Special Thanks to Kelly Havens